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This website ( is run on a PC with the following technical parameters:

  • Processor: AMD-K6MMX/200MHz

  • Cache: 512Kb onboard

  • Memory: 64MB SDRAM (10ns)

  • Controller: SCSI

  • Hard Drive: 2.1GB SCSI Quantum

  • Backup: Seagate 3.2GB floppy tape drive (TapeStore 3200)

  • Video Card: S3 Trio64V2 (2MB)

The site is connected via a 33.6Kbps modem line to the provider. The following table credits most of the software products (with links where possible) that are used to run this web server.

 [ Red Hat Linux Now! ]

The operating system of choice here is Linux, RedHat 4.2 being one of the latest distributions.

This site runs on Apache 1.2.4 web server software that uses mod_perl and other useful modular features of Apache. Apache is by all means becoming a defacto standard of the web.

MySQL 3.21.9-alpha is the SQL-92 compliant database engine from T.c.X. DataKonsult AB in Sweden. The SQL engine is used extensively for CGI/database connectivity on this site. Things like searchable lists, guest books, articles, etc. are all stored in tables.

ePerl 2.2.5 is used for emedding Perl into HTML pages. Most of the pages on this site are automatically parsed by the filter. This allows a great flexibility and broadens functionality for our pages.

VIM editor - the best and the coolest editor on Earth. Well, I'm just starting to use Emacs, so we'll see if it makes it into this list :-)

Java is used for JavGuv [aka Orbitalk] chat, for which this machine is a server. The chat is written completely 100% in Pure Java(tm) and is really cool. Java is cool too, and, again - it's free. At least for us - developers.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is used for reading published printable media in electronic form. This is used for my CV and for Cyrillic printable downloadable materials. Well, Acrobat itself is not free, but at least the Reader is.

RealAudio is our choice for the Audio distribution. It is not entirely free as we would have hoped it would, but close. RealPlayer is free and RealAudio encoder is free too - so we can encode - you can listen for free. Free, that is.

Samba (1.9.17p4) - from Samba FAQ: " a suite of programs which work together to allow clients to access to a server's filespace and printers via the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol. Initially written for Unix, Samba now also runs on Netware, OS/2 and VMS. In practice, this means that you can redirect disks and printers to Unix disks and printers from Lan Manager clients, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 clients, Windows NT clients, Linux clients and OS/2 clients. There is also a generic Unix client program supplied as part of the suite which allows Unix users to use an ftp-like interface to access filespace and printers on any other SMB servers. This gives the capability for these operating systems to behave much like a LAN Server or Windows NT Server machine, only with added functionality and flexibility designed to make life easier for administrators...". Of course, Samba is also free.

GangGang - software on this site is also featured on GangGang - the definitive guide to Australian Shareware. Most of the software on this site is categorized at the GangGang.

Do you see any Microsoft products here? Neither do we. And yet we have one hell of a PC here :)

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